Iran’s Nationwide Protests Intensifying Regime’s Crippling Domestic Crisis


As international pressures increase on the Iran regime, troubles inside the country have also been on the rise intensifying crippling domestic crisis in Iran.

On Thursday, May 10th, at least 32 Iranian cities were the scene of rally by teachers and educators protesting very low salaries, difficult livelihood and deprivation of minimum job benefits including efficient health insurance, and lack of job security and disregard for their demands. The working and retired teachers and educators called for release of imprisoned teachers and other political prisoners and demanded better salaries above the poverty line and better standards of living.

On Tuesday, May 1st, despite repressive measures and deceptive tactics of the Iranian regime, and despite the fact that the regime refused to grant the workers a permit for their rally, the workers, the toilers and looted people turned the International Workers’ Day into anti-government demonstrations in different cities to protest their catastrophic situation of work and livelihood.

On May 13, protests by people from all walks of life were witnessed once again in cities checkered throughout Iran.

A group of farms in Ahvaz held a rally outside the governor’s office protesting and demanding a ban be lifted on the planting of various crops.

In Yasuj, many locals and residents of nearby villages rallied again outside the governor’s office protesting the lack of minimum necessities after a recent earthquake destroyed or severely damaged their homes.

A group of “Sahame Edalat” employees rallied in Tehran from across the country, protesting outside the Privatization Organization building about the limbo status of their jobs and not receiving their pensions.

Reports indicate a group of store-owners in Tehran’s Abbas Abad textile bazaar went on strike on Saturday.

On this same day in Malayer employees of the Kian Kord Company began protesting and demanding their delayed paychecks.

In Tehran, clients of the Caspian Institute credit firm held a rally outside the regime’s judiciary office.

In Eslamshahr, employees of the Taravros Company and the Abineh rail company held a gathering protesting not receiving their paychecks for the past four months.

A group of rice farmers held a rally Saturday outside governor’s office in Ahvaz, demanding their share of agricultural water for their farms.

In Mashhad, students of Ferdowsi University held a gathering on Saturday morning protesting an increase in tuition.

In Tehran, employees of the “Bagh Ketab” construction project rallied and demanded paychecks delayed for the past 11 months. They are currently on strike for the past few days.

In Khorramabad, employees of the Sadr Steel Factory are protesting their expulsion from work and demanding their delayed paychecks.

In Ahvaz, families of the protesters arrested during the Dec/Jan uprising rallied once again the regime’s so-called court. The fate of those arrested in this city during that period remains unknown.

The continuous nationwide protests not only intensifying the regime’s domestic crisis but may proof fatal to the regime bringing the mullahs to their knees as they are unable to address the people’s legitimate demands.