The Reasons and Consequences of Iran’s Nationwide Truck Drivers Strike


Following a previous call for a massive strike, truck drivers in various cities across Iran launched a massive nationwide strike on Tuesday May 22, 2018, that is now entered its 3rd day.  The strike has now spread to more than 168 cities across the country where thousands of truckers joined the strike.

These truck drivers are protesting increasing prices of spare parts, tires and commission, parallel to their low wages, adding that they are facing extreme difficulties in regards to their daily living conditions.

Last week, these protesting truck drivers had staged numerous gatherings protesting their low wages and poor living conditions. Their problems have been left unanswered for years, with some drivers having to wait 20 days for their next turn to deliver a new round of goods.

The strike proves how the policies of the mullahs’ regime, seeking to plunder people from all walks of life, are also making life a living hell for Iran’s truck drivers.

On the other hand, such a major strike, especially considering its growing and organized nature, proves once again that the Iranian regime’s policies are focused on nothing but stealing from the people for their own benefits. Even Iran’s transportation network, considered a vital aspect of the country’s entire economy, is very ill and the drivers very angry.

All the while, the Iranian regime is known to provide 6 to 15 billion dollars to Syria’s Assad regime alone to launch endless massacres against its own people and maintain its rule intact. The Iranian regime is providing for all such expenses, and even its own crackdown machine inside the country, by reaching deeper and deeper into the Iranian people’s pockets, now including truck drivers, by raising the price of their fuel and spare parts, increasing commission fees and…

However, the most important characteristic of this strike is how it is expanding throughout the country based on a high spirit of solidarity among those involved in this movement. Such a spirit was also witnessed back in the Dec/Jan uprising, continuing today in daily protests seen in Varzaneh of Isfahan, Khuzestan, Kurdistan and Kazerun.

This raises alarm bells of more dangers to come for the ruling dictatorship in Iran.

As a result, this nationwide strike will increase the Iranian people’s spirits against the regime and also plunge morale among the Iranian regime’s forces. In the bigger picture, the ruling mullahs will see their hands weakened and become even more fragile against a nation that seeks to overthrow their entire existence.