Iran: Protests Continue in Tehran, Other Cities


The atmosphere of protests is intensifying throughout Iran as people from all walks of life are joining these gatherings and demonstrations.

In Tehran, a group of part-time teachers and Agriculture Insurance Department employees rallied outside the Iranian regime’s parliament on Sunday seeking immediate answers to their demands.

The teachers were seeking their long-delayed paychecks and to be officially hired by the Education Ministry. Currently, they have no guarantees in their jobs and are literally considered dayworkers.

The employees of Agriculture Insurance Department were protesting poor living conditions.

In Ahvaz, southwest Iran, retired Khuzestan Steel Company employees staged a protest gathering outside the city’s Retirement Fund office seeking their demands answered.

In Yazd, minibus drivers held a rally on Monday protesting skyrocketing prices and supporting their trucker colleagues as truckers across the country continue into the seventh day of their nationwide strike. In addition, truck drivers in Yazd also held a protest rally on Sunday.

With no end in sight for the ongoing strikes, various parts of Iran’s economy are feeling the impact.

A cement factory in Khash of Sistan & Baluchistan Province was completely closed down on Sunday. Truck drivers in this city are amongst the thousands on strike.

Incoming reports indicate a variety of cities are facing major gasoline shortages as truck drivers refuse to back down from their demands. Locals are supporting the truckers’ strike and becoming furious at Iranian regime officials.

In response, the regime’s Intelligence Ministry summoned truckers’ union leaders in numerous cities on Sunday morning, demanding they announce the end of their strike on social media.

Intelligence officials resorted to threats and Iran’s truckers showed strong will by refusing to back down from their demands.

On Thursday, authorities issued a statement from the Isfahan Oil Products Distribution Company threatening to fire protesting drivers and having them replaced.

The protesting drivers are neglecting such threats and continuing to remain steadfast regarding their demands.

Anti-riot units and other repressive forces have also resorted to threatening the drivers. These units were seen stripping license plates of vehicles belonging to protesting drivers refusing to deliver fuel. The drivers’ refinery documents were also confiscated.

Reports from Eslamabad Gharb, the Bandar Abbas-Sirjan highway, and Malakan indicate state police resorted to brute force against the protesting truck drivers.

As reports show on Monday, the seventh day of the truckers’ nationwide strike, the protesting drivers have no intention of backing down and the Iranian regime is facing a major impasse of crippling nature.

(Source: PMOI)