As Protests Continue in Iran, People Voice Their Support For Iranian Opposition Convention


As protests and strikes are increasing in numbers across Iran, new reports indicate that they have also been on the rise in the capital city of  Tehran in a significant scale.

In addition to voicing a variety of demands, numerous reports on protests on Monday showed people also voicing their support for the upcoming Iranian opposition convention scheduled for June 30, 2018 in Paris.

Tehran’s bazaar became the scene of a major demonstration and the remarks in the people’s slogans indicate that they find the Iranian regime completely responsible for their daily dilemmas. Their slogans include: “Our incompetent government is responsible for our nation’s poverty,” and “Our enemy is right here. They’re lying when they say it’s America.”

Shoemakers in Tehran’s Sepahsalar Garden were also seen holding a major rally where their daily demands quickly turned political with a focus shifting on the Iranian regime’s authorities and their entire apparatus.

What begins as slogans against austerity measures and unemployment – two very grave economic matters in Iran – is constantly becoming heated as people shout their enemy is none other than the mullahs’ regime itself.

Significant is how Iran’s middle class is also seen joining the ongoing protests. The current situation, however, is becoming very dire and even the middle class and upper middle class no longer can purchase their needs as they used to before.

An increasing number of videos are arriving from inside Iran where people hide their faces and hold up placards supporting the upcoming Iranian opposition gathering in Paris.

The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) writes: “To bring the efforts of Iranians to fruition, NCRI will be hosting a huge rally, which some refer to as the “galaxy of all uprisings”, on 30th June in Paris. This rally will demonstrate to the world the common goal of all Iranians and will also serve as a reminder that that the only effective way to address the current problems is to overthrow the regime and support its replacement with a viable Democratic Alternative.”

For more information on the Iranian opposition convention visit this website.