Iran: Borazjan Protests Erupt Over Water Shortage


Source: PMOI/MEK

July 22, 2018 –  From early hours of Sunday morning, locals in the city of Borazjan (southern Iran), the brave people, especially the youth, once again protested against lack of drinking water and clashed with the repressive forces that were trying to disperse them. They expressed their outrage by setting tires on fire on the Borazjan-Bushehr road blocking the road and practically closing the city entrance.

From Saturday evening people and brave youths in this city were seen demonstrating, protesting four days of no running water and the city’s corrupt officials and repressive forces remaining completely careless of the locals’ catastrophic conditions.

These demonstrations continued into the night and people were seen chanting: “Death to the Dictator,” (referring to Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei). they also chanted: “Our is right here, they lies and say its America” and “Let go of Syria, think about us”

Also on Sunday in the afternoon a large number of people rallied for the second consecutive day, chanting “Death to the Dictator” and protesting outside Bank Mellat and in the city’s hospital square.

This rally formed as repressive security forces were dispatched to the city’s main streets and squares to prevent any protests. These protests show how the uprising that began in Dec/Jan has completely changed Iran’s landscape and continues to flare.

Just two weeks ago after a major spark of protests in Borazjan, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) issued a Statement saying:

On Saturday evening July 7, brave people, and youths of Borazjan (Bushehr province, southern Iran) protested against the lack of drinking water for four days and the neglect of the regime’s corrupt and oppressive officials about the disastrous situation of livelihoods in the city.

The demonstration, which started from the hospital’s square, continued until the very last hours of the night. The people chanted: Death to the dictator; the enemy is right here, they are lying it is the United States; let go of Syria, think about us; We do not want incompetent government; Don’t be scared, don’t be scared, we are all together; Neither Gaza nor Lebanon, my life for Iran; With a less embezzlement our problems would be solved; We shall die, but do not tolerate humiliation; With a less theft, our problems will be solved.

By giving hollow promises, the Iranian regime’s authorities tried to disperse the people and quell their anger. But the people booed them and chanted: it is a lie, it is a lie. Khamenei’s representative and the criminal Friday prayer imam of the city escaped the scene in fear of the people’s uprising.

Due to the traitorous and devastating policies of the mullahs, many of the cities are in terrible conditions in the very hot weather of the summer due to lack of water.  Last week, Khorramshahr and other cities in Khuzestan launched massive demonstrations in protest of being deprived of drinking water.

According to Shahin Pakrooh, one of the deputies of water and wastewater engineering company of the regime, 334 cities are facing the shortage of water this summer, out of which 107 cities are in the red situation. It is expected that Isfahan, Kerman, Fars, Khorasan, and Sistan-Baluchistan provinces will face a more severe crisis (Tasnim, the IRGC affiliated news agency, April 24).