Iranian Youths Deprived of School Due to High Cost of Education


Previously, we published a report on how high cost of education including high prices of stationery in Iran is depriving many students from going to school and these students are eliminated from the cycle of education early as their families cannot afford the costs.

An Iranian regime’s official in labor affairs, admitted: “The prices of all necessary items for families have suddenly escalated, and in this situation, school fees can lead to dangerous consequences.”

He told state-run ILNA news agency on September 22: “Red alerts are on, for months; it is not unexpected that many students and especially girls to drop out of school if the government does not allocate enough budget for education of labor-class families.”

This pressure on families for paying school fees appears after the denial of the Ministry of Education from providing the schools’ budget. Moreover, people are struggling with the rising price of stationery.

Every year, the Iranian regime allocates billions of dollars to fuel conflict and chaos in neighboring countries. Meanwhile, Iran’s children are lacking their most basic needs to go to school. As education fees continue to rise, the government avoids allocating funds to support schools and the education of the future generations of Iran.

One out of three Iranian youth aged 6 – 18 have either quit education or are not enrolled in school at all for various reason including poverty and high costs.

The following Video clip provides more details on how the high cost of education is depriving many Iranian children from going to school and threatening their future.