Iran: One Month of Strike and Protest by Ahvaz Steel Workers


The brave workers of National Steel Industrial Group held their 30th consecutive day of strike and marched in the city of Ahvaz on Sunday, December 9, 2018.

The Ahvazi workers 30th day of strike and 24th day of protest rally against unpaid wages and the regime’s officials continued while the workers are calling on other compatriots to support their protests.

While marching on the streets of Ahvaz and passing by state institutions, the workers who received support form other people, chanted the following slogans: “Imprisoned workers must be released; Neither threats, nor prison are useful anymore; Every worker’s call: Death to the tyrant; Workers would rather die than accept humiliation.”

The protesting workers also chanted: “We stand, we die until we get our rights; Our country is place of thieves, it is unique in the world” and “Rouhani, the liar; where is your key to the problems?”

Workers carried the following banners: “Do not sacrifice workers to the brokerage mafia” and “Isn’t authorities’ silence against the Mafia the prove for their complicity?”

This brave workers’ strike and demonstration take place while the regime’s leaders are using threats and incentives as well as giving deceptive promises to push the workers to break their strike and demonstrations

Watch Video of the Demonstrations Here & Here & Here