MEPs Urge EU to Expel Iran Intelligence Agents From Europe


The statement by 150 MEPs calls for expelling Iran intelligence agents from EU

In a joint Statement on Iran, 150 Members of the European Parliament condemned Iranian regime’s human rights abuses at home and its terrorist plots in Europe. The statement, released on Monday, calls on EU to expel Iran’s Intelligence Agents from its member countries.

The signatories are from six major political groups including 4 Vice-Presidents and 14 Committee and Delegation Chairs of the European Parliament representing 27 EU Member States.

The MEPs expressed concerns about deteriorating human rights situation and repression of women in Iran and recalled that Iran “has maintained the highest number of executions in the world per capita during the presidency of the so-called ‘moderate’ Hassan Rouhani.”

“Since late December last year, Iranian cities have been the scenes of major uprisings and anti-regime protests. The social atmosphere is volatile, and people demand fundamental change,” said MEP Gérard Deprez, Chair of Friends of Free Iran (inter-group) in European Parliament.

“Meanwhile the regime’s officials have acknowledged the role of “resistance units” of the opposition PMOI (MEK) in organizing protests and nationwide strikes. Tehran spends millions on a massive smear campaign throughout the western world, disseminating false news and misinformation against this main opposition movement.”

“Unable to defeat the protesters at home, the regime launched a new wave of terrorism against opposition activists abroad. In recent months, several Iran regime’s terror plots have been neutralized by European and American Security agencies. An Iranian diplomat arrested in Germany is now facing trial in Belgium,” Mr. Deprez added.

Chair of Friends of Free Iran in European Parliament stressed: “Human rights in Iran cannot be compromised or marginalized on the excuse of political considerations, trade or the nuclear deal. Any expansion of political and economic relations with Iran must be conditional to a clear progress on human rights, women’s rights and a halt to executions.”