Rouhani Admits Poor Living Conditions of Iranians


During a speech on Monday, Iran Regime’s President Hassan Rouhani finally acknowledged poor living conditions of Iranian people.

In his speech in the city of Khoy, Rouhani said: “I totally know that the living conditions of the people have become harder compared to previous months. The price of goods has taken an upward turn. I know that the economic condition has become harder. It is true that we have problems in production. According to our religious and national obligations, we will continue our path; under no condition will we allow the people to have major problems in providing basic goods.

Of course, even Iranian officials are admitting that 80% of Iranians live under the poverty line and already cannot afford basic goods, so Rouhani has already failed there.

Rouhani said: “We have to produce basic goods inside the country and with the sacrifice and help of the people we will do that. [Iranians need to] help the authorities this year and the next year in solving the country’s problems with complete hope in Iran’s future.”

It’s unclear what he means by “the sacrifice of the people”. Many poverty-stricken workers have already sacrificed enough by not being paid the wages in a timely fashion, which has led to hundreds of strikes across Iran in recent months, with the most prominent being that of the truckers, teachers, factory workers, and merchants. This is not simply the result of US sanctions, but indicative of systematic corruption and mismanagement from the top of the Regime.

The truth is that that Iranian people will not help the Regime to solve these problems as they want the Regime gone. They have made this clear in their nationwide protests, where they chanted “reformists, hard-liners, the game is over”. Even Iranians who were forced to join the crowds during Rouhani’s speech signalled their disapproval by chanting for their football team rather than Rouhani. It’s also worth noting that the Regime had to bus in Regime supporters from other areas to fill out the crowd.

Meanwhile, at an anti-Rouhani protest rally in Khoy, security forces clashed with angry protesters who were chanting slogans “(Rouhani) You have no honour” and “Shame on you, shame on you!”.

Despite these protests, Rouhani claimed the US was wrong to think the Iranians would rise up against the Regime with sanctions, which is odd considering that Iranians were already involved in an anti-regime uprising earlier this year before the sanctions; an uprising that has continued unabated since.

This is what the Regime fears most and it will end up being their downfall.

(Source: NCR-Iran.Org)