NCRI’s Dowlat Nowrouzi: France must seek Assad’s ouster


France and other Western governments ought to support Syria’s democratic opposition forces to oust their dictator Bashar al-Assad whose crimes against the Syrian people over the past four years has led to the rise of the terrorist group ISIS, according to Dowlat Nowrouzi, the representative of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) in the United Kingdom.
“We are here to express our deep condolences to the families of the victims and to the French people,” Ms. Nowrouzi said at a gathering on Wednesday (November 18) in Paris’ Place de la République to remember the 129 people who were tragically massacred in a series of coordinated attacks in the French capital by ISIS last Friday (November 13).
Ms. Nowrouzi described the Paris massacre as a “brutal terrorist attack against defenseless civilians.”
“We are here to say that those terrorists were committing a crime against humanity. We are here to share the pain and agony of the French people, because we have been victims of repression and religious fundamentalism ourselves.”
“The root of this phenomenon and crisis – the ‘Godfather of Islamic fundamentalism’ – is the Iranian religious dictatorship. They are the ones behind Bashar al-Assad. Daesh (ISIS, ISIL) is a product of Bashar al-Assad’s criminal bombing of defenseless people and the opposition in Syria.”
“Daesh has nothing to do with Islam. Those people are criminals who are misusing religion. They are using their version of Islam to justify terror and repression. We are Muslims but we are against fundamentalism.”
“We must fight back against Daesh, and we must fight back against Bashar al-Assad. Daesh is being supported by Assad.”
Ms. Nowrouzi added that the Iranian Resistance and Syria’s democratic opposition are fighting back against the ‘evil of Islamic fundamentalism’ and should be supported by the free peoples of the world.