Destruction of Assad’s Chemical Facilities Must be Complemented by Expulsion of Iran’s IRGC From the Region

Destruction of the Syrian dictator’s chemical facilities was an indispensable step to end the Tragedy in Syria but it must be complemented by total expulsion of Iran’s IRGC from Syria and the entire region. 

The targeting of the the deadly chemical weapons facilities of Syria’s brutal dictator, Bashar Assad, and dismantling the war machine of this regime is an indispensable step to end the historical catastrophe in Syria that for seven years caused the death of more than 500,000 innocent and defenseless men, women and children, and has displaced half of the country’s population. The scope of this catastrophe has stretched far beyond the borders of this country to the entire region an beyond.

This action must be completed by expelling the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and its mercenaries from Syria, Yemen, Iraq and the entire region. The mullahs’ regime is the main reason for survival of Bashar Assad and the main source of terrorism and extremism and warfare in the Middle East and the vast sections of the world.

The appeasement policy toward the ruling theocracy in Iran led to an unprecedented increase in the regime’s crimes against humanity and war crimes inside and abroad with impunity. The time has come to put a firm end to the appeasement and connivance in the face of these crimes that are a flagrant violation of internationally recognized laws and standards.