The Importance of Iran’s Democratic Alternative Grand Gathering in Paris


Iran’s Democratic Alternative and the Importance of This Year’s Grand Gathering of Iranians in Paris on June 30: 

The Iranian Resistance movement’s annual gathering, held in the heart of Europe, by itself is an all-encompassing showcase of might and a political rattling against the mullahs ruling Iran. It shows a resolute organized resistance with the goal of overthrowing Iran regime.

Still, the aims of this gathering and the role of this democratic alternative to the mullah’s regime can be analyzed more profoundly and in details.

1) It presents a glorious show of a democratic alternative, capable of organizing such a significant event abroad.

2) It is a great gathering of the expatriate Iranians in the configuration of a democratic alternative and presenting it to the public while holding such a gathering is impossible inside Iran due to the suppressive environment.

3) It is a demonstration of the political weight of resistance against the mullahs’ regime who despite all political and economic conspiracies, cannot prevent this gathering.

4) It proves the international support that the Iranian resistance enjoys among prominent international political figures and liberal and progressive public opinion.

5) It provides a clear image of the latest state of this democratic alternative and its struggle against the clerical regime ruling Iran.

6) It presents the achievements and advances of the Iranian resistance against the Mullahs’ regime in various arenas.

7) It highlights the international threats of the Iranian regime and its destabilizing interference in the region.

8) It exposes the anti-national and misguided appeasement policy regarding the mullahs’ regime by the West.

9) It blocks the ways of creating the overnight fake (colonial-reactionary) alternatives to prevent hijacking Iran’s revolution again.

10) It responds to the reactionary-colonial conspiracy that ‘this regime lacks an alternative’ and the world has no option but to dialogue with it.

This gathering has always been a center of crying out for freedom and democracy by compatriots, and at the same time, a major source of concern for the mullahs.

Scared about the outcome of the gathering, the mullahs have always been campaigning, from months ahead, to hinder the occasion. Last year, Rouhani’s Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif, had a trip to France, just before holding the gathering, and over extensive debates demanded the Iran Resistance Grand Gathering to be abrogated. In spite of all their attempts, the regime’s agents have always failed against the determinate supporters of the Iranian resistance and the resolute organizers of the Free Iran Gathering and each gathering was held more successful than the previous one.

(Source: Iran Freedom)